Helpful Excel Spreadsheets for Protection Engineers

Helpful Excel Spreadsheets for Protection Engineers

With the help of these spreadsheets below, you can make your endless calculations much easier!

  • Calculation of IDMT Over Current Relay Settings (50/51/50N/51N)
  • Calculation model for thermal relay Siemens 7SJ64
  • Motor Protection Relay Selection Curves
  • Over-current protection – INVERSE TIME O/C PROTECTION CALC-51(N) – Directional OC – Primary & secondary current calculation
  • Filter Design Calculation
  • P63x Differential CurrentsCalculation MiCOM P634/P633/P632
  • Calculating the operation currently in Bias Differential Relays MiCOM P633
  • TMS Calculate

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DIGSI 4 Training

SIPROTEC 4 devices will parameterize and operate via DIGSI 4 software. SIPROTEC 4 is considered the standard for numerical protection systems in all fields of application. The SIPROTEC 4 device series implements the integration of protection, control, measuring, and automation functions optimally in one device.

The materials of the DIGSI 4 course are designed to help you be a professional in this field. Nothing beats hands-on learning from an engaging instructor who gives you the necessary information.

In the field of power system protection, new IEDs are available now with high capability and advanced functions. Working with such devices needs special training and most universities do not cover such topics.

But why Protection relay?

We provide online and pre-recorded videos in the field of power system protection and substation automation systems. So you can be updated in the field by our training packages wherever and whenever you are. You have lifetime access to files.

DIGSI 4 Online Training


  • Part 1: How to install DIGSI 4 (Length 01:57)
  • Part 2: Introduction to SIPROTEC Relay Families (Length 06:50)
  • Part 3: Wiring Connection (Length 03:02)
  • Part 4: Start with DIGSI (Length 19:12)
  • Part 5: Archive, Export, Import (Length 12:36)
  • Part 6: Masking I/O (Length 11:00)
  • Part 7: Masking I/O (Length 04:51)
  • Part 8: Masking I/O (Length 13:08)
  • Part 9: Default and Control Display (Length 16:21)
  • Part 10: CFC (Length 11:57)
  • Part 11: CFC and Implementation of experimental example (Length 07:59)
  • Part 12: CFC Interlocking Example (Length 04:26)
  • Part 13: CFC Protection Example (Length 04:13)
  • Part 14: CFC Explanation of all blocks (Length 11:01)
  • Part 15: Power system data 1 (Length 08:34)
  • Part 16: Setting Group (Length 19:13)
  • Part 17: Oscillographic Fault Recorders (Length 03:06)
  • Part 18: General Device Settings (Length 04:39)
  • Part 19: Time Synchronization and Interfaces (Length 03:40)
  • Part 20: Device Driver and Firmware Update (Length 09:04)
  • Part 21: Config SIPROTEC relay in a Practical Project (Length 14:36)

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