Generator Protection Training Package

Generator Protection Training Package

Prerequisite Training packages

Generator Protection Training package

  • Pre-recorded videos
  • Supplementary Files
  • The course is licensed and you need a Windows computer to view the videos

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  • 87G Generator Differential Protection
  • 87T GSU Trans. Differential Protection
  • 87GT Overall Differential Protection
  • 40G Generator Field Failure Protection
  • 78G Generator Pole Slipping Protection
  • 50S, Generator Split phase overcurrent protection
  • 46 Generator Negative Phase Sequence Protection
  • 51V Generator Voltage-Dependent O/C Protection
  • 49S Generator Stator Overload Protection
  • 59G Generator Overvoltage Protection
  • 21G Generator Underimpedance Protection
  • 27G Generator Undervoltage Protection
  • 32R Generator Reverse Power Protection
  • 64S Generator 95%&100% Stator Earth Fault Protection
  • 51/27 Generator Dead Machine Protection
  • 64GB Generator Busbar Earth Fault Protection
  • 64R Generator Rotor Earth Fault Protection
  • 81O Generator Overfrequency Protection
  • 81U Generator Underfrequency Protection
  • 24G Generator Overflux Protection
  • 47G Generator Fuse Failure Supervision
  • 50/51ET Excitation Trans. Overcurrent Protection
  • 49ET Excitation Trans. Overload Protection
  • 51N-GSU Gen. Step-up Trans. Neutral Point OvercurrentProtection
  • 64T GSU Trans. Restricted Earth Fault Protection
  • 50/51T GSU Trans. Over Current Protection
  • 50/51SST Station Service Trans. Over Current Protection
  • …..

Attached PDFs

  • Std. 242: Buff Book
  • C37.102: IEEE Guide for Generator Protection
  • C37.101: IEEE Guide for AC Generator Ground Protection
  • C37.106: IEEE Guide for Abnormal Frequency Protection for Power Generating Plants


  • Unnecessary tripping of Generators is undesirable (production losses)
  • Generator differential
  • Transformer differential
  • Four-step overcurrent protection (DFT based measurement)
  • Four-step residual overcurrent protection
  • Over/under voltage protection (DFT based measurement)
  • Residual overvoltage protection
  • Overexcitation protection
  • General current and voltage protection
  • Directional over/under power function
  • 21P Phase distance backup
  • 51N Neutral time overcurrent
  • 24 Volts per hertz
  • 59N Neutral overvoltage
  • 25 Synchrocheck
  • 59P Phase overvoltage
  • 27P Phase Undervoltage
  • 59X Auxiliary overvoltage
  • 27TN Third harmonic neutral Undervoltage
  • 59_2 Negative-sequence overvoltage
  • 27X Auxiliary Undervoltage
  • 64F Field ground protection
  • 32 Sensitive directional power
  • 64S Sub-harmonic stator ground protection
  • 40 Loss of excitation
  • 64TN 100% stator ground
  • 46 Generator unbalance
  • 67_2 Negative-sequence directional overcurrent
  • 49 Thermal overload protection (RTD)
  • 67N Neutral directional overcurrent
  • 50BF Breaker failure
  • 67P Phase directional overcurrent
  • 50G Ground instantaneous overcurrent
  • 68 Power swing blocking
  • 50N Neutral instantaneous overcurrent
  • 78 Out-of-step protection
  • 50P Phase instantaneous overcurrent
  • 81O Overfrequency
  • 50SP Split phase protection
  • 81R Rate of change of frequency
  • 50/27 Accidental energization
  • 81U Underfrequency
  • 51G Ground time overcurrent
  • 87RGF Restricted ground fault
  • 51PV Phase time overcurrent with voltage restraint
  • 87S Stator differential

Basic Generator Protection Features

  • Ground differential
  • Sensitive restricted earth fault
  • Thermal overload
  • Negative-sequence
  • Residual-ground and neutral-ground overcurrent elements
  • Directional residual-ground
  • Overcurrent elements
  • Unbalance element
  • Voltage-controlled, voltage-restrained time-overcurrent
  • Breaker failure protection for three-pole breaker
  • Under- and overvoltage
  • Inverse-time over- and Undervoltage elements
  • Loss-of-potential element
  • Volts/hertz or overexcitation protection
  • Directional power elements
  • Loss-of-field
  • Over- and under frequency protection
  • Rate-of-change-of- frequency
  • RTD protection
Optional Generator Protection
  • Generator synchronism check
  • Synchronism-check under- and overvoltage
  • Inverse-time over- and Undervoltage
  • Out-of-step
  • vector shift
  • 100% stator ground protection
  • …..

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  • The course is licensed and you need a Windows computer to view the videos

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  • Directional Overcurrent Functions
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  • Differences between RIO and XRIO files with details
  • How to write or edit the XRIO files
  • Combine overcurrent curves
  • Fault types
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  • Testing of the relay to show the trigger concept
  • Transient test
  • Testing of the Power swing detection function

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