Testing and Commissioning of Protective Relays

Testing and Commissioning of Protective Relays

As you know, the testing & commissioning can be done by different testing software and hardware. In this training, we have used OMICRON Test universe, Vebko AMpro, and FREJA win.

  • Trainer: Dr. Saeed Roostaee (Profile on Linkedin)
  • Pre-recorded videos
  • Supplementary Files
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  • The course is still being recorded and new sessions will be added over time
  • The course is licensed and you need a Windows computer to view the videos

Prerequisite Training packages

DIGSI 4, DIGSI 5, PSCAD, ABB PCM600, Micom relay

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Part A (50 mins):

  • Introduction
  • Strat page (Omicron)
  • General settings (Omicron)
  • Strat page (Vebko)
  • Phasor view, Impedance view (Omicron)
  • Phasor view, Impedance view, differential view (Vebko)
  • Hardware connection
  • Practical section with Omicron 256 plus, SEL 421

Part B: Overcurrent and Directional Overcurrent Functions (67, 67N, 50, 51, 50N, 51N)

  • Practical Sections (2.5 hrs)

Part C: Differential Protection Functions (87G, 87T, 87L)

  • Diff protection principal
  • Diff parameters
  • Diff RIO block
  • Diff configuration
  • Diff Operating Characteristic
  • Diff Trip Time Characteristic & Diff Harmonic Restraint

Part D: XRIO and PTL(50 mins)

  • RIO and XRIO history and the reason we use this format for relay testing, RIO structure, XRIO structure, Differences between RIO and XRIO files, XRIO features & benefits, LinkToXRIO.
  • XRIO template, Import Relay Settings, How to find a proper XRIO template and filter based on the relay
  • Common issues while loading the relay settings into a template and how to solve the issues, XRIO template based on the relay versions
  • A case study XRIO file
  • Modify a case study XRIO file
  • Modify the XRIO template, RIO blocks

Part E: Impedance Protection Functions (80mins)

  • Distance RIO block
  • Advance Distance Test Module settings
  • Distance protection function principal, Impedance View
  • Analysis of server faults visually in the impedance view
  • Analysis of several distance relays (RAZOA, ABB REL670, SEL421, Siemens 7SA8x, MiCOM P442, NR PCS 931S, Protecta)
  • Distance Test Module settings
  • Preparing XRIO file for testing of impedance protection functions

Part F: Autoreclosure Function (ANSI 79, 40 mins )

  • Autoreclosure Description, auto reclose process, Autoreclose timing diagram
  • Autoreclosure settings
  • Deadtime 1, Deadtime 2, Deadtime 3, Reclaim time, Reclose time-delay, Discrimination time, A/R Inhibit window
  • Autoreclose Logic
  • How to test AR in sequencer
  • How to test AR in the Autorecoser test module

Part G: Voltage and Frequency Protection Functions (28 min)

  • Ramping test modules
  • Testing of the Over/Under frequency (81O/ 81U)
  • Testing of the Over/Undervoltage (59, 27)

Part H: Study and review of different relays (24 min)

  • H 01: SIPROTEC 7UT6 setting description and configuration
  • H 02: Testing differential function in SIPROTEC 7UT6, No combined characteristic feature, Automate testing by creating SIEMENS 7UT XRIO file

This course will be completed over time and will cover all topics and details. The price of this course will increase over time, so get this course soon to not only to save money but also to access the course and start learning at the earliest.

If you have any technical questions about this training package, please let us know. Our support team will record the answer to your question in video and add it to this package so that other users can also benefit from it.

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MiCOM Relays Training Package

MiCOM has different protection relays, but In this 4 hours course, we try to help you learning work and config the MiCOM P123, and MiCOM P441 relays.

Besides the main course, 4 hrs videos on google drive, software, and data models, PDF files are attached to the package as supplementary

  • Online video training (reserve your seat now)
  • Trainer: Dr. Saeed Roostaee (Profile on Linkedin)
  • For more info, please contact us on WhatsApp: +989129613659

Part 01: MiCOM relays range, naming, and application is presented.

Parts 2-7: These parts present exercises with MiCOM P123 and AMT105 setup. Three-phase signals are injected into the relay to test hardware connection and protection functions.

Part 8-17: These parts present exercises with MiCOM P441 and AMT105 (configuration and PSL, event and disturbance recorder, overcurrent protection, voltage protection, negative sequence protection, and distance protection parameters).

Supplementary files attached

  • 01 start working with Easergy Studio in online mode
  • 02 MiCOM Relay Measurements, Event Logs & Disturbance Records
  • 03 Input naming in the Micom relays
  • 04 Communicate with MiCom P139
  • 05 Communicating with MICOM P139 checking the parameters from the front panel
  • 06 Binary input test from MICOM P139 front panel
  • 07 Binary input test from MICOM P139 front Easergy studio
  • 08 Function Parameters in the MICOM P139
  • 09 Overcurrent Function test in the Micom P139
  • 10 Inverse time overcurrent function IDMT test in the MiCOM P139
  • 11 CBF function config and parameters in the Micom P139
  • 12 Autorecoser function config in the MiCOMp139
  • 13 Autorecoser function test in the MiCOMp139
  • 14 Autorecoser function test in the MiCOMp139 By FREJA
  • 15 Under and Over Voltage protection function parameters and testing in the MiCOM P443
  • 16 Overcurrent and Earth Fault protection function parameters and testing in the MiCOM P443
  • 17 DEF protection function parameters and testing in the MiCOM P443
  • 18 Auto recloser function test in the MiCOM P546
  • 19 Trip Scheme in the Micom P546
  • 20 SOTF in the Micom P546
  • 21 MICOM P546 Differential protection test.
  • 22 MICOM P546 Syncro Check

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