Signal Matrix tool [PCM600]

  1. Right-click on IED and select Signal Matrix

2. now we will export selected (Binary inputs/ Binary outputs/ Analog inputs/ goose receive) to excel

3. collapse all rows/ columns and expand all rows/ columns

4. General filter and particular row/ column filter

5. You can change the user-defined for particular selected inputs/output of type binary/analog by clicking on properties and changing the name.

6. Map some goose receive signals by double click, create a connection between selected columns and rows.

7. Double click on the existing connection will disconnect the existing connection between the selected column and row.

8. Some redo and undo.

9. Try to find some signal using find. Find will Highlight the signal where it is.

10. Double click on a particular group of items in any rows or columns to hide or show.

11. Create an inverted signal in Binary outputs/inputs

12. You can see a Glue logic inverter created because of mapping “I” in the signal matrix.

13. flip column text to horizontal/ vertical for binary inputs/ binary outputs/analog inputs/goose receive

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